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Security system alarm holders, Security tethers, Retractable cable reels

More and more electronic products are launched these years, including mobile phones, smart phones, cameras, tablet pcs, laptops, etc. How to provide a safe and pleasant shopping environment troubles many retailers. Keenguard provides kinds of retail security solutions for digital store owners.

Stand-alone alarm display holder -- With multi alarm function, remote control and charge function, the alarm holder, or security stand, protection bracket, is good to display mobile phones or cameras on countertop and provent merchandises from shoplifting.

Multi-port alarm controller -- With multi alarm function, remote control, charge/interactive function. The controller, connected by security cable, can protect several merchandises simultaneously.

Mechanical security pull box -- Also called recoiler, cable retractor, security tether, counterbalance, used as cable positioners to display point of purchse merchandises. The pull box helps pull and retract merchandise back conveniently, and are good for POP display security.

Cell phone holder
Cell phone holder
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